Welcome to Afresh !


I'm Kaley Basham // Encourager + Designer

I'm not sure how you got here, but stick around if you are ready to create your own soul-filled life + business...


If you're living a quick paced life that's suffocating your soul, you're not really living. And if you're neglecting any part of who you were created to be, your soul will become suppressed. If your life doesn't let you embrace the full you, it's time to start afresh. 

a·fresh /əˈfreSH/ adverb // "in a new or different way"

I am here to help you create a life + business that feeds your soul instead of suffocates it so that you can truly live. Maybe you want to be able to work from anywhere so you can travel. Maybe you want to work from home so you can be with your kids. Maybe you want to slaughter workaholism and being your own boss is the best way to do that. Well guess what?! YOU CAN...

And I don't want you to get stuck on starting! Or tricked. 



I don't want you stuck on starting your business because of branding. Your #1 priority as a start up is to get out there in order to start getting business and making money. But many feel more confident promoting their business if they have a logo they love, but this is where you get stuck, right?  Here is my secret: You don't need to spend oodles of dollars for a custom brand design in order to start your business. In fact, I actually discourage it. I'm frugal and real: don't spend money unless you have it. You can pay for custom design later when you have the cashflow to do it. You could also DIY it, but that takes a lot of your precious time and can be frustrating, overwhelming, and you could risk gaining 10 pounds in the process.

That is why I created my PREMADE LOGO KITS.  I want you to get started now with a logo you love at a price you can afford so you can be confident and equipped to begin promoting your business. Because if you want to create your own soul-filled business, that's what you gotta do. You gotta get yourself out there... you gotta start... no excuses... so grab your logo and go... 


Raise your hand if the "how to make 6 figures in 1 month in your PJs" posts on social media make you want to punch your screen? Me too.  I believe you can build a business that supports a life that feeds your soul. 100%! But it doesn't happen in 1 month. If I'm being totally real, you're probably going to have to hang onto your day job longer than you want (I still have a day job). It takes intentionality. It takes time. It takes persistence. But the BEST THING YOU COULD DO, is start now....

We're gonna crush it together. And we're gonna have healthy souls.


So are you ready to start afresh ?  

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Have we met yet?!?

We probably should, especially if you're still reading. I started Afresh in 2013 with my B.S. in Graphic Design and a dream to own my own business. I simply wanted to work from wherever and be my own boss. I had no idea what I was doing, but jumped in, and offered everything from logo design, to website design, social media services, and any kind of print design you could imagine. Anything you needed, I was your girl.

After working with a variety of clients, I figured out what I like doing (& am best at) and what I don't like. I also learned the importance of keeping it simple and picking a niche. I now only offer premade logo kits to start up entrepreneurs & business owners so you don't get stuck on starting!